Belfone BF-S50 Walkie Talkie

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Frequency Range: UHF: 400-480MHz

Zone Capacity: NA

Channel Capacity: 16

Channel Spacing: 12.5KHz /25KHz

Operating Voltage: 7.4V DC (±20%)

Frequency Stability: ± 2.5ppm

Antenna Impedance: 50Ω

Dimensions(H×W×D)mm: 123 X 60 x 36 mm

Weight (With antenna and battery): 242g (including battery pack)

Battery Capacity: 2200mAh

Battery Life (5/5/90 Duty Cycle, High TX power): Analog 14 hours

Dust & Water Intrusion: IP54


Belfone BF-S50 Walkie Talkie

Analog Portable Radio

BF-S50 is a handheld two-way radio with compact and rough design to guarantee durability of performance. With a comprehensive set of analog features and a long-lasting battery life, our BF-S50 is built to satisfy all the conventional communication needs for small business and amateur users.

Main Features


Channel Announcement
When the user is switching channels using the channel knob, this analog two-way radio will announce the current channel number. Channel announcement is made in either Chinese or English according to the user.

When used with a paired earpiece, BF-S50 enables the user to activate transmissions via voice without having to push the PTT button. Your hands won’t be tied to your radio.

The user can use this feature to pick up weak signals on a channel. When there is no radio signals on the current channel, the user can adjust the radio volume according to the volume of the background noise.

Squelch Levels (0-9)
This feature helps to reduce background noise and deliver a clearer audio. The user can set the squelch level according to his communication needs.

This enables the user to monitor all the radio communications on the preset channels. The user can stop at any channel he wants. Only preset channels can be scanned.

TOT (Timeout Timer)
This can effectively prevent a channel from being unnecessarily occupied by mis-operation. The user can set a timeout for each transmission (10-300 seconds). When the time is out, the transmitting will automatically stop and a warning tone will go off.

Programmable Bandwidth
BF-S50 is both wide (25 kHz) and narrow (12.5 kHz) bands ready. The user can set the bandwidth via the PC programming software according to his communication needs.

Busy Channel Lockout (BCL)
When activated, this feature prevents the radio from receiving unauthorized signals or transmitting signals to busy channels. So channels can be kept from unnecessary interference.

This UHF two way radio also helps to keep out unwanted signals and deliver more channel clarity and efficiency.

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